If you have seen this girl please let me know!!

Her name is Grace Berg and she was last seen by her family Tuesday, August 12th,  in Carlsbad, California. Her family is very worried about her and just want her to come home.

Please, please, pleaseee, tell me if you know where she is. No questions will be asked. Her family just wants to know where she is and that she is safe.

Update: she HAS been found

It always amuses me that so many people seem to think that bullshit only comes from certain sources,
you know advertising, politicians, salesmen..
Not true
Bullshit is everywhere
Bullshit is rampant
Parents are full of shit
Teachers are full of shit
Clergymen are full of shit
Law enforcement people are full of shit
The entire country is completely full of shit
In fact this country was founded by a group of slave owners
who told us, “all men were created equal”

George Carlin (via rekindletheessence)